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About Us

What is Kids Pajama Depot?

Kids Pajama Depot compares prices for Kids Pajamas so you don't have to. We have gathered information from various websites to offer you the best deals and choices on your next purchase. The websites that I have listed here are ones that I have researched, and found them to be customer friendly and easy to contact.

Why does Kids Pajama Depot do this?

I came up with the idea for this website after searching the internet for my own children's pajamas, and was dissapointed how long it took me. I wanted to find the best deals, but the common price comparison sites didn't have everything I was looking for. This of course forced me to manually search a dozen or so different websites trying to find exactly what I wanted. After I finally found everything, I made the decision then to make a price comparison website based around children's pajamas so other parents didn't have to waste as much time as I did.

Exactly Who Are You?

I am a mother of two young wonderful children, one girl and one boy. I am a full time Affiliate Marketer and earn commissions through this website via the services I provide my visitors.

Will You be adding More PJ Sets to the Site?

I am in the process of building the pages. I take a little time every day and work on making more pages for this site. If you don't see a particular pajama set you are interested in, please feel free to Contact Us. This will be an ongoing project for awhile because I plan on building many pages.